Expert Interview with Jessica Ortner: Can tapping help you lose weight?

Jessica Ortner is a leading expert on the power of tapping to help with weight loss and body confidence.

She started out tapping for emotional wellness. It took a “eureka!” moment before she began applying it to weight loss — with amazing results.

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Jessica cycled between binge-eating and dieting for a long time. She grew up with the ‘calories in, calories out’ mindset, and felt she didn’t have the willpower to lose weight.

She was told by people around her — including her mentor — that she was too fat and no one would listen to her… until she lost weight. Her self value and confidence was tied up the number on the scale.

Then, she had a lightbulb moment where she realized that she wasn’t going to be able to hate herself thin or stress herself thin.

She realized that the voice in her head that was criticizing her wasn’t helping her — it was actually holding her back.

Instead of continuing to beat herself up, she started applying her tapping methods to weight loss.

She knew that she needed to stop the pattern of panic that happened when she became freaked out about an upcoming situation where she would be seen, and then fell into yet another diet before going back to her old eating patterns.

She knew that she couldn’t control the way that other people saw her body — but she could heal the wound inside her that made her feel bad about it. She needed to replace the idea that she wasn’t allowed to feel good about herself until she lost the weight.

Pain is held in the body… and tapping helps to release it.

“The key to tapping is to get very clear on the thought that’s creating the physical anxiety,” Jessica explains. “When we feel emotions, we feel them with our whole body. This is a technique that uses the whole body to help relieve that anxiety.”

After using Jessica’s tapping technique regularly, you’ll be able to strip negative thoughts of their ability to provoke anxiety in your body.

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