How a Yo-Yo Dieter Lost 140 lbs

Ginger Solberg gained 60 lbs with her first child… and spent the last 39 years yo-yo dieting in an attempt to lose it.

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Through the terrible cycle of yo-yo dieting, Ginger eventually reached her highest weight of 299 lbs.

Even before finding The Gabriel Method book, Ginger had used visualization as a tool in her weight loss journey. After being recommended the book by her naturopath, Ginger did Jon’s 16-week visualization series and signed up for The Gabriel Method community Facebook support group.

“That changed my whole life and everything about it,” Ginger says. “Because you have people to talk to… if you write something on Facebook and ask a question, they always get back to you and answer you.”

Ginger loved the emotional support she received from community members who were on the same journey she was on.

From day one, Ginger found weight loss easier and more fun when she had a great community to turn to for advice, support, and to celebrate her achievements.

She also loved that The Gabriel Method didn’t forbid her from eating her favorite foods. It just helped her change the types of foods she craved.

Through her time doing The Gabriel Method, Ginger has lost 140 lbs!

“I compare my life now to then, before I discovered the Gabriel Method,” Ginger says. “It’s like light and dark, literally. And I’m living in the light now.”

We’re so proud of Ginger and celebrate her success!

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