What Medical Professionals Are
Saying About the Gabriel Method

The ONLY Useful Book On Sustainable Weight Loss”

Your book is incredible: The only useful book on sustainable weight loss. I have recommended it to many of my patients. It is tremendously helpful and I think everyone should read it.

Dr. Daphne Goldberg M.D. Member, Board of Directors, American Board of Holistic Medicine

“Brilliant! And Yet So Simple And Sensible”

This book represents a refreshing and comprehensive approach to weight loss, offering an abundance of practical considerations for individuals and healthcare practitioners alike.

…Groundbreaking and well-grounded in metabolic physiology, this work is a blessing to anyone struggling with this problem.

Dr. Nancy Sudak, The Conference Chairman American Holistic Medical Association

“Whatever Your Method it Seems to Allow for a Much Healthier Return to a Normal Weight Status…”

Dr. Scott A. Brenman M.D. F.A.C.S Pennsylvania Center for Plastic Surgery

“…Everything they Need to Make the Changes in their Life”
I truly do admire what you have achieved in your life as well as with this book. You have made it simple and easy to understand, affordable, and given the person everything they need to make the changes in their life if they so choose…

Roxene Cossill Hypnotherapist, Counselor


“Your Method Has Long Been Needed…”

I am a Family Practice physician and I am glad to learn of your method. It’s a comprehensive way of addressing the emotional causes of obesity that has long been needed. I will be recommending your book and reviewing its results with some of my patients.

Dr. Keith O Bodrero, M.D.

“Revolutionary Diet-Free Way to Transform Your Body”

Anyone who has ever had to deal with being overweight, or is still battling the bulges, would do well to obtain a copy of this remarkable book.…

The beauty of this book is that, although the author focuses primarily on weight loss, so many of his techniques and concepts are equally applicable to a vast range of other health issues, as well as providing empowering concepts with which to change just about any area of one's Life Journey.

Peter de Ruyter, Herbalist Randwick, NSW, Australia

“Doctor Agreed Gabriel's Nutritional Approach”

I’m really enjoying your book. The nutritional approach you outline fits with much that I’ve learned about nutrition. Keep up your wonderful work!

Dr. Nimi Singh, MD, MPH, MA Division Head, Adolescent Health and Medicine Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics University of Minnesota, USA

“Counter To Mainstream “Wisdom” About Obesity, Yet Makes Complete Sense”

Your work has helped make sense of the different, fragmented weight loss “strategies” I've been hearing about for years, and it explains why they can't really work. You bring a lot of fresh angles and ideas to it, and the fact that it is all backed up by personal experience is very compelling.

Erik Goldman Editor and Co-founder Holistic Primary Care magazine, USA

“I truly do highly recommend the book”

This book explains with current endocrine understanding why it is next to impossible for many people to lose weight, and why there is a rising epidemic of obesity in this country. And furthermore, it offers very achievable methods for addressing those physiological imbalances.

I truly do highly recommend the book. It is very readable, compassionate, and comprehensive.


The Most Scientifically Meaningful Method”


I'm a physician and recently finished reading your book. I must say that I found your approach to weight loss to be the most comprehensive and scientifically meaningful method I've ever encountered.

I'd like to offer to teach a weight management course for the Continuing Education Program at Idaho State University (to offer the course as ‘The Gabriel Method of Weight Reduction’.

Jean Bokelmann, MD

“It’s truly life-changing.”

…this is what I have been looking for all my life. Without myself even starting the process yet, I've already bought 6 extra copies for friends, family and colleagues. It’s truly life-changing.

I am a scientist (in Type 2 Diabetes research) but it took THIS book to put my own life into perspective of my work.

Dr. A Olckers, South Africa

“This Method Makes So Much Sense”

I am a General Practitioner doctor and am really excited about The Gabriel Method. It makes so much sense and I really want to spread the word amongst my medical colleagues so our patients can benefit.

Lily Fraser, New Zealand

“….What an Incredible Thing You Have Done!”

….what an incredible thing you have done! I have just finished my second holistic nutrition certificate and intend to use your principles with my future clients.

Sherry Dawn Rothwell, RHN, CD

“Your Words Ring With Genuine Truth.”

I think you must be either a genius or you have been fully inspired or both—the principles you have been able to put together so simply and yet obviously effectively are wonderful. Your words ring with genuine truth.

Terry Power Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, TCM herbalist Kinesiologist & Hypnotherapist

“I Am Letting Go of All The Negative Thoughts”

I am letting go of all the negative thoughts and feelings and I am so much happier. I look at my overweight patients differently. I am not bitter toward them. I can respect them much more as a human being and I refuse to give them ‘the LOOK’ when they come into my exam room. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Cathy Bindig RDMS, RVT

“This Program Will Help Millions…”

I am so moved by your deep intuitive understanding and your mental brilliance. It is really a life-transforming book! I am so proud of you! You have achieved something which will help millions of people to live better lives!

Ashrita Furhman Athlete and 104-time Guinness World Record Holder

“The service he provides is life-changing.”

The Gabriel Method is edifying, well-researched, and elegantly logical. It's not “unorthodox” at all when one understands the biochemistry of the body. Jon Gabriel lays out practical steps towards solidifying a healthier way to live. The service he provides is life-changing.

Glenn Miya MD Host, Smart Health Radio

What Experts Are Saying About Jon's New Book,
Visualization for Weight Loss…

If you’re doing everything correctly yet still can’t lose weight, visualization could provide the crucial missing piece of the puzzle. Highly recommended! 

JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS, celebrity nutriton and fitness expert and New York Times best-selling author

“Jon Gabriel provides simple, practical ways to use visualization to help reduce stress and create healthy lifestyle habits that can lead to lasting, sustainable weight loss.” 

Mark Hyman, M.D., author of #1 New York Times bestseller The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet

“When it comes to weight loss, the mind is as important as the body. I always say, it’s not just about what you’re eating—it’s also about what’s eating you. In this book, Jon Gabriel teaches simple, practical ways to use your mind to totally transform your body.” 

Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Kitchen

“Jon Gabriel’s healing and deep recovery truly come through in these pages. He shows you how to use your mind to help you lose weight and repair your body at a cellular level. The hormonal benefits of visualization are well documented, and I recommend them highly.” 

Sara Gottfried, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of The Hormone Cure

“Visualization for Weight Loss is a game changer. If using your mind to lose weight seems too simple to be true, then you haven't yet experienced the power of your brain’s neural pathways on your body’s biochemistry. The Gabriel Method is easy, very do-able and it works!” 

Donna Gates, founder of Body Ecology and author of The Body Ecology Diet and Body Ecology’s Guide to Growing Younger

“Jon’s ability to connect the visible and invisible through the process of visualization is profound. His approach to body transformation and optimal health is truly unique and acknowledges one of the most powerful connections known to man, that of the mind and the body. This book is your ultimate guide to visualizing and creating the body and health of your dreams!” 

James Colquhoun, filmmaker of Food Matters and Hungry for Change, best-selling author of Hungry for Change, and founder of FMTV

“Jon Gabriel is one of the most conscious authentic leaders of our time. His visualizations heal the root cause of weight gain. If you’ve tried everything else and nothings worked, I highly suggest you read this book.”

Brittany Watkins, founder of The Watkins Method of Tapping for Weight Loss

“I love John Gabriel’s visualizations. They’ve become an integral part of my morning routine. I now start my day with the framework only he can provide that includes gratitude, focus, and clarifying my daily intentions all—guided by his loving voice.”


Khaliah Ali, daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, best-selling author, designer, and spokesperson

“Jon Gabriel is one of the most important voices in the nutrition and weight-loss universe. Get ready for a diet book that’s unlike any other. He’s written a unique, informative, and easy-to-read guide for working with weight. You’re going to come away with a ton of great strategies and insights, all wrapped in a truly holistic approach. Highly recommended.”


Marc David, best-selling author and founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating

“In my Functional Medicine and Anti Aging Medical Practice, weight loss is one of the most challenging issues I address with my patients. In thirty years I had never met anyone who has successfully lost over 200 pounds and kept it off permanently until I met Jon Gabriel. To look at him you would never believe he once weighed over 400 pounds. When Jon talks about weight loss, I wholeheartedly believe him. He has more credentials than anyone in the weight loss field. He is living, breathing proof of what works.”


Howard Liebowitz, MD, FACEP, Director, Liebowitz Longevity Medicine

I Want to Recommend it to So Many People!”

I'm a physician in Cuernavaca, Mexico, working both in private practice and at the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

As I have a formation in Gestalt psychotherapy as well as the medical faculty conventional formation, and the interest in integrative medicine as well as in medical anthropology, I found your book to be an integrative and advanced—yet very simply for non-MDs to follow – approach to such a complex entity as obesity …

It is my opinion that a similar approach should be followed to every medical condition… I want to recommend it to so many people!

Ana Cecilia Sánchez Mtz., M.D. Actores Sociales de la Flora Medicinal en México, INAH, Morelos.

Explained Better than a Medical Doctor Could”

I'm a doctor, and I am now recommending your book to my patients. Years ago, I started trying to emphasize the positive changes they could be making, but you explain it better than I could and set a much more convincing example.

Dr. Lynn E. Zahner M.D. Obstetrician Lawrenceville, GA, USA

Controlling Blood Sugar is the key”


Since control of blood sugar is a key strategy for optimal health and anti-aging, I am most interested in your approach from that aspect, in addition, of course to helping those unfortunate ones (many, many) trapped with their inability to burn and lose fat.

Most everything I have learned about health was learned “out of the box” and NOT in the “system” which is controlled by pharmaceutical companies, and other special interests.

Franklin Ross MD, USA

The only method I want to recommend”


I have read your book and agree with EVERYTHING you said. At the moment I am researching the topic of weight loss and all of my supplements or herbs or methods have to be proven to be included. After much research and my own experiences (I test everything) I have concluded that your method is the only one that I want to recommend on my site.


I spent hours reading and researching different diets and none of them I agreed with or could show long-term results because no-one can stick to a drastic diet change.

Kristin, Naturopath

They are Dropping Pounds Without Any Diet Panic!”

In my work I see so many women hating their bodies for many reasons, which goes back to hating self or shame. Your book gives what my work is – HOPE. Many of my clients who have weight as a “cover up” issue are using your book, feeling finally more free of guilt and self-hate AND they are dropping pounds without any diet panic! Your whole mind body/spirituality connections are great.

Blessings, Angela HOPE Rev. Dr. Angela Conrad Staub

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