Weight Loss & Exercise (2)

Weight Loss & Exercise (2)
Video class with Jon Gabriel

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Join Jon Gabriel as he talks about:

  • How to max our your exercise sessions
  • How exercise can make your body want to be thin
  • Visualization tricks to do while you work out


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There’s a really important point I want to make about exercise because I’ve talked to a lot of people that exercise an hour a day and they’re not losing any weight, and they’re tired all the time, and they hate exercising. And when I was in New York and I had a fitness trainer I was exercising like that and I wasn’t losing weight either. Exercising can burn calories. But I used to get on this bike and I’d pedal for an hour and say I burned 300 calories and I’d think 300 calories, that’s like a bagel. Why don’t I just not eat the bagel? So people think that’s the value of exercise. That’s not the value of exercise. Exercise, if it’s done right, can trick your body into thinking you’re being chased by a predator. And getting your body to want to be thin, it can trick your body into activating the survival program that says we need to be as thin as possible in order to survive. But, in order to do that with exercise you don’t do it every day – which I personally, when I was losing weight I’d exercise three to four times a week – you don’t do it for long periods of time, but what you do is every once in a while for ten seconds you sprint like something is chasing you. And you imagine it because your body doesn’t know – your brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imaginary experiences, so you just imagine something is chasing you and it tricks your body into getting it to want to be thin. And so these days I exercise once or twice a week, something like that, and when I do I go for a nice leisurely ride – we have some beautiful rides where I live – and every once in a while I’ll stand up, when there’s a hill for example, I’ll stand up and I’ll go as hard as I can for those 30 seconds and that’s your exercise. And then you give yourself lots of rest time. But exercising every day, you can’t have that intensity. You’re not getting that survival instinct thing that gets your body to want to be thin, and it actually works in reverse because a lot of studies have shown that if you exercise too much it will actually activate these fat programs and cause you to gain weight. They did a study with cross country skiers in Denver where they would lose weight from exercise, but once they exercised too much they actually start gaining weight. So I teach people if you’re going to use exercise do it right; do it in a way that works with your survival programs to get your body once again, to want to be thin. It’s not about calories in and calories out. Your body can figure all that out; let your body do the accounting. It knows how many calories in calories out, get it to want to be thin and then the job is done.

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