Conscious Eating (2)

Weight Loss: Conscious Eating (2)
Video class with Jon Gabriel

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Join Jon Gabriel as he talks about:

  • The importance of conscious eating
  • Why you don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight
  • How conscious eating will help you feel more full


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Another way to eat more consciously is to turn everything into a salad, and I don’t mean everything, but whatever you can. If you’re having a pizza, cut it up and put it in a big salad with organic lettuce, sprouts, all the dressing that you want. That does a couple things. Number one, it’s got digestive enzymes in it. The live food is going to have digestive enzymes, it’s also going to have the nourishment that you need, and sprinkle ground flaxseeds on it – salads always taste good with ground flaxseeds – and also use a salad dressing that’s got flaxseed oil in it so you’re getting good omega 3s. So you’re getting omega 3s, you’re getting live food, so you’re getting nourishment, you’re also chewing your food better because salad you have to chew. There’s a lot of roughage in it so you’re chewing your food better; that’s already you’re digesting your food and eating slower. And then the salad fills your stomach up more so you’re already feeling full. And if you use a dressing that you really like, then you start to love salads after a while. These days, when I think of a meal I want a salad; I want a big salad. Sure I’m going to put chicken, I’m going to put fish, I’m going to put nuts, I’m going to put lettuce – I’m going to put everything in it, but I want a salad. I’ll eat a big salad, I’ll eat a lot, but I’m thinking I want that live food, I want that vitality. My body is trained on that. So turning everything into a salad, great way to get nutrients, digestive simulate your food, keep you from eating too much, and turn the fat burners off.

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