“Lost 88 lbs, and it’s still off!”

Before becoming a Gabriel Method coach and helping our members work through their emotional obesity and achieve incredible results, Tiffany Nightingale went on her own weight loss journey.

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Tiffany started dieting at just 9 years old.

Far from being a sustainable weight loss method, dieting caused Tiffany’s body to shift to famine mode.

By the time she was 27 years old, she weighed 286 lbs.

Tiffany struggled with self esteem issues, finding that she was unable to recognize her own reflection in the mirror. When the solo mother of five experienced a health scare, it made her realize that this was the only body she had — and that she needed to make a change.

She was suffering from low blood pressure and constant fatigue. She lacked the energy to play with her children and felt uncontrollable hunger all the time.

Tiffany found success stories hugely motivating, but had trouble finding success stories that involved sustainable weight loss. She wanted to know that the struggle wouldn’t be for nothing. It wasn’t until she discovered The Gabriel Method that she believed that weight loss could be permanent.

For Tiffany, discovering Jon Gabriel felt like discovering a kindred spirit.

“The Gabriel Method offered me a great many tools,” she says, “but the top three for me were safety, digestion, and abundance.”

“I didn’t feel safe, and Jon Gabriel taught me about a concept called ‘emotional obesity.’ This is the idea that the weight that you’re carrying is actually serving a purpose. And, for me, it was keeping me feeling safe. Because I had a lot of fear.”

She started doing Jon Gabriel’s nightly meditations, which helped her to start feeling safe in the world. She then began working on her digestion and nutritional issues, learning the difference between nutrients and calories, and making sure that her body was getting what it needed.

This is when the magic started happening.

Tiffany lost 88 lbs through The Gabriel Method and has kept it off!

She’s now vibrant and happy, enjoying her passions and sharing them with her children. Since finding success via The Gabriel Method, Tiffany has been painting and singing, went back to school, and got back into horseback riding.

Tiffany is truly living her best life, and modeling this joyful activity and healthy lifestyle for her children. “My children get more of me now than they ever did then,” she says.

Tiffany is thrilled to have the chance to help others on their own journeys through her work as a Gabriel Method coach.

“It’s been a great honor to be able to share my story, because I know how powerful success stories can be in building that hope and belief that the journey that you’re starting on is actually possible,” she says. “And so I get to stand a little further down the road and let you know how possible it really is.”

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