Coconut Yogurt Crunch + Meditation = Weight Loss?

How often do you meditate?

If you’re currently trying to lose weight or transition to a healthier lifestyle, meditation can be a powerful tool. There is hard evidence linking meditation and weight loss.

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Getting yourself into a true meditative state can actually switch off the genes involving inflammation.

Inflammation plays a big role in weight — that’s why The Gabriel Method is so focused on stress reduction techniques such as meditation, visualization, and yoga.

Pro-inflammatory cytokines activate your FAT program, which can cause you to hold onto or gain weight — even if you’re eating healthfully.
How does meditation soothe your stress response and train your body to be more resilient?

Meditation helps you tap you into the alpha and theta stages of consciousness.
Over time, as you get better at meditating, your stress response will be reduced and reparatory hormones will be released, helping you become:

  • More calm
  • Less anxious
  • And better able to maintain a healthful and harmonious physical state.

Jon recommends meditating every morning after your visualization practice to benefit from these amazing changes.

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