Is Meditation Worth It?

Jon Gabriel is a huge proponent of the power of meditation and considers it a crucial part of his weight loss journey and healthy lifestyle!

As Jon realized the vast number of amazing benefits that come with having a regular meditation practice, he began to incorporate it into his life more and more. Now, he begins each day with a peaceful meditation.

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What has meditation done for Jon? “My body feels incredible, I feel less stressed, I’m calmer, I’m more clear, creativity flows, I’m more productive, and I just love the feeling of being in a deep, relaxed, meditative state,” he says.

For Jon, meditation and visualization are the most important practices in his life.

jon-meditatingJon’s firsthand findings are supported by many clinical studies which demonstrate the amazing power of meditation to bring about mental and physical health benefits.

One Harvard Medical study showed that meditation can actually affect your body on a genetic level — in an incredibly positive way. The study followed two groups of people. One group practiced daily yoga and deep meditation and the other did not.

The Results from the Harvard Medical Study

The results for the meditation group were astonishing. The study found that after two months “their bodies began to change: the genes that help fight inflammation, kill diseased cells and protect the body from cancer all began to switch on.\'\'

Chronic, low-grade inflammation not only causes disease, but also triggers leptin and insulin resistance which turn your body into a fat storage machine — your body believes itself to be starving and you lose the ability to burn fat effectively.

The result? You’re hungry all the time and crave high-calorie junk foods, making it much harder to lose weight!

Jon’s advice?

Make meditation and visualization a regular part of your lifestyle, and enjoy all of the beautiful rewards.


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