Food Matters Live Tour: The Mind-Body Connection with Jon Gabriel

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“I'm here to talk about weight loss, but what I have to say about weight loss is very similar to what you're going to hear other speakers talk about health, because weight loss the way I understand it is about healing your mind and your body.”
Earlier this year I was invited by Food Matters founders James and Laurentine to join them on their very first National Australian Tour. Not only did I have the honor of sharing the stage with them but I was also joined by world-renowned health and wellness experts Dr. Libby Weaver and Lee Holmes. Together we connected and shared some powerful insights on how to take control of your health naturally and live a more vibrant, healthy and fit life.
We covered cutting-edge mind-body wellness tips and offered actionable techniques to increase physical and mental well-being.
In this live video excerpt from that one-day event, I talk about the importance of using the power of the mind in your healing and weight loss journey. Also how our invisible ‘life force energy’ is the key to maximizing the mind-body connection and using the power of your mind to transform your body.

Watch this video excerpt to discover:

  • How to make your Body a Conduit for Higher energy (3:30)
    Here I talk about connecting your mind and body to allow higher energies to flow through your body in order to live a more passionate, vibrant and healthy life.
  • How the Mind Can Control the Body (4:39)
    Here I demonstrate how the mind can move the body and control the body by using the power of our thoughts.
  • How Life Force Vitality is the key to the Mind-Body Connection (7:00)
    Here I explain the connection between life force vitality and the mind-body and how to move life force energy through your body to open up and unblock energy channels for maximum health and vitality.

The mind-body connection is the principle on which some of the most effective weight loss tools are based. Here at The Gabriel Method we believe this mind-body holistic approach to weight loss can help turn off your “FAT Programs” and transform your body & life forever. Below are some techniques that will help get you started on your mind-body wellness path:

Tips on Mastering the Mind-Body Connection:

1. Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a powerful method to help you boost mind-body awareness and overall well being and healing. I’ve listed a few of my favorite affirmations that you can repeat throughout your day to help you realize those positive outcomes you desire:

  • “I radiate health and vitality, I naturally release excess weight”
  • “I am worthy, I am deserving, deserving of my ideal body and ideal life”
  • “I forgive, love, accept my body, my life”

2. Visualization

Visualizing is one of the best ways to accelerate your weight loss success. In my own life visualization practices had a tremendous impact in my total body and life transformation and I continue to practice every day.

3. Integrative Fitness

Mental and physical self-care practices such as yoga, pilates, qigong, tai chi are all part of what is known as integrative fitness. Fitness doesn’t only have to involve the physical parts of our beings, instead we can combine and integrate them with the mind and body so we can fully heal and function properly.

4. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT is another great self-healing practice you can use for stress reduction, emotional healing and weight loss. It is very easy to learn and safe to apply in your day to day life. It starts by targeting an emotion you’d like to work though and using your fingertips to tap different meridian points to release that emotion. To learn more about it, watch our movie trailer Tapping For Weight Loss

5. Breathing Exercises

Breathing is essential and yet often times we forgot to breathe properly throughout our day. Stress and anxiety cause shallow breathing which reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to your body and increases blood pressure. Learning to breathe consciously can help balance your mind and body.
I’d encourage you to take some time today to sit back and use your mind to allow your life force energy to flow into your body to heal, revitalize and unblock your energy. The best way to do this is through a simple visualization practice.
Below, I’d like to offer you a very powerful visualization gift, you can practice every morning, afternoon or evening (whatever time works for you). This will help move that energy through your mind and body and will heal you from the inside out and make weight loss, so much easier…
Workout Visulization

Download Visualization

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