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Listen to Jon Gabriel and Lisa J Smith Talk About:

  • How you can tell your body it wants to be thin
  • How to use visualization to communicate with your body
  • Why diets are the worst way to try and lose weight


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Hey, hey, it's Lisa J., and you're listening to Lisa J., Now. Hey, I also wanted to tell you it's the name of my website., also if you go over to, you will find out all kinds of information about my podcasts, about all of my shows, you're going to find out information about my upcoming guest, Jon Gabriel who will be here in just a minute. We have information posted about Jon on there. We have information, just about everything., forms, blogs, chat rooms. Big love and light shout out to everybody who's in the chat rooms during the show, over 600 people on there, and there's always room for you. So definitely spread the word and let people know that we are here. Also wanted to remind you to find me on FaceBook. Just search for Lisa J. Smith, especially during the show I'll give you a shout out if you add me as a friend, and I have some events going on and would love to connect with you.

Well, before we get to my guest, Jon Gabriel, which will give you time to pull up I just want to get to Scott who has patiently been on hold.

[Talking to Scott]

Anyways, Jon Gabriel is my guest and I wait all week to talk to my friend, Jon Gabriel, and he's your friend, too. Please go over to and check out his page. You are definitely in for a treat. Thousands of people have listened to Jon and have listened to his program and have really transformed their body, and by transforming your body you transform your spirit, you transform your soul, and it really lets you — today we're talking about having fun on the show. You can get back to having fun.

Jon, thank you so much for being here.


Good, Lisa, how are you?


Good, I am great today, thank you so much. How are you doing?


I'm really good. I'm feeling great. Again, it is 4:00 in the morning here so I'm moving a little bit slow at the moment, but other than that I'm feeling great.


Well, if we know you, you'll probably be out in the ocean splashing around having a good time or out for a run or walk or doing something, having some fun in no time at all, right?


That's possible, or I might just go back to sleep, we'll see.


Or you could go back to sleep, you know what, that's fun, too. Jon, just go with it right now. Just go with it. Just go with splashing in the ocean. So anyways, well you have been here for several weeks now, and we're going through your book, The Gabriel Method, which people still can get and catch up with us. We're on chapter 9, and we've been talking about transforming our body through your Gabriel Method.

And today we're on chapters 9 and 10 and we're talking about why diets don't work. And I hate that word diet, because the word die is in there and I know that I feel like it's not a coincidence the word die is in diet.


No, there's no coincidence the word die is in diet, because to your body, when you're on a diet, your body is afraid that you're going to die. And the reason it's afraid that you're going to die is because our bodies are incredibly and brilliantly designed to protect us against starving to death. And none of us really have to worry about starving to death too much anymore, but there was a time thousands of years ago when we were all living outdoors and we didn't know when our next meal was coming, and then winter would come along and there was nothing to eat and we were cold. And what are you going to do?

And so when you're in that situation, when there's nothing to eat and it's cold and you're living outdoors, that's a stress to your body. And a stress is always a warning signal to your body that there's some type of threat and that you could somehow possibly die, and our bodies are uniquely designed to protect us from all different types of stresses.

But that particular stress of being outdoors and not having enough to eat is a stress that our bodies, the way our bodies protect us is they activate what I call the FAT Programs and we've been talking about this for weeks, and FAT is an acronym, F-A-T for famine and temperature. In other words, our bodies are designed to protect us against famines and cold temperature by activating this FAT Program. When our bodies activate this FAT Program, it's as if your body says, "You know what, there's not enough food out there. So we need to do a couple of things. One, we need to be hungry all the time and crave really fattening foods so that if we do find food we're going to eat and eat and eat, we need to slow our metabolism so that we don't burn calories and stay tired and just stay really sedentary. And, and this is the most important one, we need to be fatter so that the next time this famine comes around, next year for example, we'll have more fat on us and we can survive longer and we don’t have to worry about it as much."


So we're like squirrels.


So being in a famine makes your body wants to be fat. Now, when you go on a diet, what you're doing is you're artificially tricking your body into thinking there's a famine and you activate these FAT Programs and you become hungry all the time and your metabolism slows down and everybody knows this feeling of going on a diet, losing a couple of pounds, saying, "Yeah, this is great," and then all of a sudden being hungry all the time and being tired all the time and having your metabolism slow down and not losing any more weight. And then, the second you can't take it anymore and you go off the diet and you binge, then having those 5 or 10 pounds come back plus another 5 or 10 in just a matter of days. It's because your body wants to be fat and that's what diets do. They make your body want to be fat?


Well can't we just talk to our body, Jon, and say, "Don't be fat."?


Yeah we can. We talked about that last week.


Yeah, visualizing we don't want to be fat. It's so interesting how it's so easy but yet it's so not easy, because our mind is so powerful. Listen, we're going to go to break. When we get back, we're going to talk about this some more and why diets don't work and what we can do, and then we're also going to be talking about the essentials, and I think that's important. Well, this is all important. And I love it that you say, if dieting doesn't work, what's the answer? Simple, eat more real foods. That's pretty simple, right?

We're going to talk about that and more when we get back with Jon Gabriel, the author of The Gabriel Method who is here for you on All About Me Day, which is really all about you. This is Lisa J. Smith. Don't go anywhere.

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