Are You Starving for Salt?

Starving for any kind of food is going to make your body gain weight. This is true for several reasons…
First, when we’re deficient in any nutrient, our bodies stay hungry until we get the specific nutrients we need. This can cause incessant junk food cravings, exhaustion and chronic stress, all leading to more weight gain. As we talk about all the time in The Gabriel Method, sometimes the answer is not less food but more of the types of foods our bodies are really craving.
And one of the things we’re usually chronically deficient in is… salt.
Not table salt, not the type of salt that you get from french fries and processed foods. That acts almost like a poison in the body. Besides it’s just sodium chloride— two specific minerals.
What you're actually starving for are the trace minerals found in real salt, like Himalayan salt crystals from the glaciers of the Himalayas or Celtic salt or sea salt. These all have trace minerals that our body has to have for all its cellular processes.

It’s all about the Minerals

Many people are unaware of the mineral deficit in the modern day diet. The culprit? Processed foods made from crops grown in soil that has been literally burned clean of minerals by chemical fertilizers.
Studies have shown that U.S. soils have lost 86% of their mineral content in the past 100 years. Since there are 103 known minerals and at least 18 of these are required for good health and the only way to get minerals is from the earth, you can see why this has become a serious health problem. With a depleted food source, it’s all too easy to lose the minerals in your body.
Why are minerals so important? Minerals are the chemical building blocks of the body. They are essential for all cellular and hormonal processes and are particularly important in the proper functioning of enzymes. Without minerals, enzymes don’t work efficiently. If the enzymes don’t work, digestion doesn’t work, calcium isn’t getting assimilated into the bones, muscles can’t be built, energy can’t be produced and on and on.
But in terms of your eating habits—well, if you’re not getting a proper balance of minerals, you stay hungry all the time.

Myths about Low Salt Diets

Recent studies about the low-salt diets question some of the current dogma about salt. Ironically, they found that a low salt diet can cause the body to switch FAT programs on, putting you into fat storing mode, sometimes causing insulin resistance, elevated triglycerides, and stress hormones that cause leptin resistance which in turn causes you to eat and keep on eating.
For years we’ve been hammered with the idea that salt is bad for you; the same way we were told fat is bad.
Now science is finding out that this is not really correct. In fact, consuming fat is essential.
You just need the right type of fat. It's the same situation with salt. You need salt but it should be salt that has lots of trace minerals. Then it becomes a good thing for your body.
So what you need to do is simple! Go to a health food store and spend about 10 dollars on a good, healthy salt. It will last you for months. Sprinkle it on your food. Also, if you drink a lot of water (which I always recommend) then you might want to put a little bit of healthy salt in your water, and so you're not depleting yourself of trace minerals.
The Gabriel Method is all about feeding your body and your mind everything it needs, and in this case, your body needs trace minerals for cellular processes.
When you do that, you’ll find that you're not as hungry, not craving junk foods anymore, and you’ll have more energy. You'll feel less stress because your body won’t be stressed by lack of minerals and you'll lose weight much easier.

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