The Importance of Water

Weight Loss: Drink Water
Video class with Jon Gabriel

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Join Jon Gabriel as he talks about:

  • How a lack of water causes hunger
  • Why junk food dries you out
  • Tips to up your water intake


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You can also be starving for water, and a lot of experts talk about drinking a lot of water. But, the problem is when you’re not getting enough water it causes hunger not thirst, because in the old days if you were thirsty, your body needed water, you could eat something like fruit or live food, or all the foods that existed before we started playing with foods. And they all had water in them; everything had water in it. Now we’re eating peanut butter and crackers, and fish and chips, and fried chicken; there’s no water. We’ve basically processed the water out of our food so we’re chronically starving for water. And, we need water to eliminate toxins, we’ve talked about toxins, we also need water to burn fat because when you burn fat you’re putting toxins into your system. You need to be able to flush those toxins out. If you’re not getting enough water then your body is going to shut down the fat burning process. So I recommend drinking a glass of water before each meal. I recommend drinking two glasses of water when you wake up. I also recommend drinking a glass of water every hour after dinner until you go to sleep. There was a study at the University of Wisconsin where they found that in 100 percent of the subjects studied, drinking water at night killed night time cravings. So it’s a great way to kill junk food cravings too. A lot of experts talk about water, but I just want to emphasize that if you’re not drinking enough water you’re not eliminating toxins, your body is not going to burn fat, so that’s a really important point. You need to understand that.

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