Positive Habits

Weight Loss: Positive Habits
Video class with Jon Gabriel

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Join Jon Gabriel as he talks about:

  • How to achieve positive habits through practice
  • The importance of habits such as a good breakfast
  • How to be disciplined with yourself


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So this is the first month of a four month coaching program, and we’re going to be giving a lot of information over the next couple of months, but with each month what we’re going to do is we’re going to focus on certain habits because the way I see it, they say it takes 21 days to create a habit. But, once you’ve created a habit it becomes automatic. It’s a little bit like this – it’s like in your brain you’ve got these brain cells, the neurons, you’ve got a network, a neural network, that creates a habit and it’s like walking through a path in the woods. Now the first time you walk through the path there’s no path; you’ve got to create a path. It’s all kind of original thinking and original thinking takes more energy, so you have to apply certain energy to where you’re going to stand. The second day it’s a little bit easier because some of the grass is kind of – the third day you can see the path, if you’ve walked on the same path everyday for 21 days it takes no energy to find the path and to walk on it. You’ve created the path. It’s the exact same in the brain. You’re actually creating paths in your brain. So the first day you do something it’s going to take more energy to focus on it. By the time it’s 21 days it takes no energy at all, it’s automatic.

And once you’ve created a habit, to me it’s like an asset that gives dividends for life. So the analogy that I have is imagine you want to buy a real estate building, an investment property. It takes a lot – you’ve got the banker, and you’ve got all these people that have to come together and it takes a lot of work and effort and money, and you come to this closing and then you’ve bought it, and then it’s yielding you dividends for as long as you own it. It doesn’t take the same work anymore. So it’s the same with habits. So to me a habit is an asset.

So what we’re going to do over the next four months is we’re going t build an empire of positive habits, and this is the first month and what I want you to focus on in the first month is two main habits because if you focus on too many things you’re going to lose it. So two main habits the first month. One is to practice visualization at night, and that means looking at the picture. Find a picture, as I talk about in the book, find a picture of your exact ideal body, look at it for about 30 seconds before you go to sleep, close your eyes, and just any way you can imagine yourself looking like that. It could be in a scene, like you could be on the beach and running in the sun and diving in the ocean or whatever you’re doing, but just create a scene, just 30 seconds, then as you’re going to sleep right after that, lie down, put on your CD, listen to the CD. Do that every night. That’s the first habit.

The second habit is to have a really, really good breakfast and this is crucial to keeping your blood sugar stable because when your fat programs are on you lose the ability to keep your blood sugar stable and that causes sugar cravings throughout the day. So you want to have a really, really good breakfast and for breakfast ideas go to my website. I’ve got a whole list of recipes and breakfast ideas and videos to look at, but put those two habits in place. We’ll talk about other things to add and ways to make it easier throughout the month, but that’s your foundation; those are the two bricks that you’re putting in your foundation. At night before you go to sleep you listen to the CD, you look at the picture, and in the morning you have a really good breakfast. Now a really good breakfast includes protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and live foods. Those are the three ingredients to any meal, and in general in any meal you should always ask yourself where’s the protein, where’s the omega 3, where’s the live food. So that’s what we’re going to start with and I’m going to be back throughout the month with lots of information that’s covered in the book and information that’s not covered in the book and it will keep you focused, and you can always ask any questions if you want.

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