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Weight Loss: Starvation and Dieting
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Join Jon Gabriel as he talks about:

  • Why dieting simply does not work
  • How obesity is actually caused by starvation
  • The very real threat of starvation stress


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I did a lot of research on both the mind/body connection and on biochemistry. And I wrote, as part of the book I wrote an appendix that I presented to the American Holistic Medical Association, and the chairman of the conference – this was back in June of ’07 – said that my talk was the highlight of the conference. What I was able to demonstrate, bust based on the scientific research that’s out there right now is that what people call metabolic syndrome, which is a precursor to type two diabetes, is the starvation response. In other words, we’ve been gaining weight because of starvation. And the exact same chemical things that happen in your body when you have metabolic syndrome is insulin resistance, elevated triglyceride levels, elevated pro inflammatory all of these things – that’s what happens when you’re starving. And so what we’re going is we’re activating the starvation response, and what I was able to show is that there’s a whole other type of stress which I call the starvation stress, which is not the fight or flight stress of running away from tigers. It’s a completely different stress, and that’s what’s causing obesity. Not that we’re eating too much, it’s that a starvation response is activated. We’re starving, and what happens is someone is fat, they go into their doctor’s office, they do the blood test, they’ve got metabolic syndrome, what’s the doctor do? He tells you to go on a diet. It makes sense, but what he doesn’t realize is that’s the starvation response. It’s already being activated, and when you go on a diet you’re just further activating the starvation response. So I’ve been able to prove, to a very large extent, that obesity is caused by starvation, not just by weakness or over indulgence.

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