Conscious Eating (1)

Weight Loss: Conscious Eating (1)
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Join Jon Gabriel as he talks about:

  • The importance of conscious eating
  • Why you don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight
  • How conscious eating will help you feel more full


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Another really good scenario where you can eat to your heart’s content and not gain weight is to become a conscious eater. When the fat programs are on, it’s like your body is being tricked into thinking you’re in a time of famine and that’s going to make you want to eat as fast as possible. What happens when you eat unconsciously as fast as possible, a couple of things – one is you’re not chewing your food well enough so you’re not digesting it well because there’s digestive enzymes in your saliva and when you chew your food you digest it and you break it into small pieces so you’re digesting your food better. But, it also takes 20 minutes for your brain to figure out that your stomach is full, and if you’re eating really fast and in that 20 minutes you can pack twice as much food into your stomach as you need. Then your stomach stretches and then it takes even more food to feel full, because having a full stomach is part of what makes the signals for being full.

And I remember when I was really heavy when my fat programs were on, nobody could eat faster than me; I mean I was just voracious the way I ate. And now it’s just a very calm, conscious thing. So eating consciously is a great strategy to adopt as a habit and what you can do is – one of the things I did for a long time is I trained myself where I’d take a bite of food and I’d chew slowly and then I’d say this affirmation: I’d say this food is nourishing my body; there’s no need to rush. Then I’d slowly wait and then I’d take another bite and I’d say this food is nourishing my body; there’s no need to rush. And I’d wait a little bit, and then after about five minutes I’d just take a break. I’d just get up and go somewhere and do something for five or ten minutes. And then if I was still hungry I’d go back to it. Or if I was eating at the table with someone, obviously I wouldn’t be saying this affirmation; I’d be having a conversation, but after a certain point I’d just stop eating and just have the conversation and enjoy the atmosphere. And then knowing you can always eat some more, but training your body that you can stop and start anytime you want is a great way to train yourself that food is abundant. And eating consciously means that you’re only going to eat what you need rather than constantly stretching your stomach.

So that’s another great strategy for eating whatever you want, nourishing your body, digesting it, and simulating your food better, turning off the fat programs, and being done with the issue forever.

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