Tom Cronin and Jon Gabriel on Meditation, Weight Loss Journey and more!

Tom Cronin, founder of The Stillness Project, has an ambitious goal: inspiring one billion people to meditate daily.

Tom’s journey into the world of meditation was unusual. The former day trader spent his days yelling on a trading room floor, making split-second decisions, working hard and partying harder.

Working in the high-stress world of finance, his nervous system was overwhelmed by the amount of information — and stress — that it needed to process every day. Addicted to the adrenaline of their high-stakes jobs, he and his colleagues carried on after-hours with bars and nightclubs.

His mind and body never had the chance to deeply relax and rebalance.
27 years into his career, Tom had a nervous breakdown, developed agoraphobia, and started to have daily panic attacks.
Something had to give.

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Thankfully, Tom found a meditation class in his area taught by a neuroscientist.
During the first week of his new daily practice, he felt a dramatic change.
Within two weeks, he was sleeping like a baby.

After three weeks, he was able to return to work — with a new sense of balance and peace.

Now, Tom spends his time teaching others to achieve the same amazing effects that he has achieved — and you can get started by watching this video!
You’ll discover:

  • what meditation actually IS — and what it ISN’T
  • warning cues from your body that you SHOULDN’T ignore
  • a simple meditation you can do anytime

NOW is always the best time to get started!

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