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Is sugar the new drug of choice?

What does sugar do to your body?

Author, health blogger, and frequent radio and television guest JJ Virgin believes that sugar not only plays a role in many of the common diseases we face, but plays a starring role.

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“If you look at cancer, it basically drives the insulin that drives tumour growth,” JJ explains. “Fructose specifically has now been implicated in these really aggressive forms of cancer.”

Sugar is also a key culprit in terms of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, fatty liver… the list goes on.

Artificial sweeteners aren’t the answer — women who drink one diet soda a day have a 30% higher chance of developing diabetes. These sugar substitutes trigger glucose intolerance, calorie dysregulation, and insulin resistance, and unbalance the bacteria in your gut (and this result can happen in less than two weeks)!

The bottom line: when it comes to weight issues, calories are NOT the main culprit.

The true villains are sugar and artificial sweeteners, and the havoc they cause to our hormone levels.

JJ’s advice: be a sugar maker, not a sugar eater.

What does that mean?

Your body will create the sugars that it needs — we don’t need to consume them in processed foods and sugary beverages!

The tricky part is avoiding the HIDDEN sugars that are found in many of our favorite foods — and learning how to make healthier choices that can help you kick your sweet tooth completely.

Watch Jon Gabriel’s interview with JJ to find out:

  • The surprising ways that sugar sneaks into common kitchen staples
  • Healthier, natural sweeteners (that are also safe for diabetics)
  • How to lose your sweet tooth — without feeling deprived!
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