Scott Lost Over 150 Pounds With The Gabriel Method

A few small changes can lead to a total transformation!

Once Scott Blinn reached 405 lbs, received his diabetes diagnosis, and experienced a heart-stopping (literally!) medical emergency, he knew that he had to make a change.

His true turning point came with the birth of his son, when he was unable to hold his new baby without collapsing in pain.

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Scott went through the usual route to weight loss:

  • He tried diet after diet
  • He joined gyms
  • He tried restricting his calories

Once he started researching the TRUE causes of weight gain and the science behind weight loss, he discovered The Gabriel Method.

Reading The Gabriel Method book changed his life.

The few small lifestyle changes that Scott made after reading the book snowballed into a total lifestyle transformation.

Through implementing the lessons of The Gabriel Method, Scott:

  • Dropped 150 lbs
  • Went into remission for his type-2 diabetes
  • Eliminated his back pain

Now, Scott enjoys a healthy, active lifestyle. He plays sports with his son, cooks healthy and delicious meals for his family, and lives a life completely free of back pain.

We were so impressed by Scott’s openness to receiving new information about the scientific causes of weight gain (and loss) and his willingness to implement new behaviors based on this knowledge, that we just had to choose him to be a Sunday Success Story!

Scott’s story is a wonderful example of addressing the root causes of weight gain, and choosing to live a healthier, happier, more bountiful life!

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