Quick Tips for Recognizing and Overcoming Stress

Our bodies can tolerate a great amount of stress, either from what we are doing, or what we are not providing it.

Here are a few symptoms to watch for, that may be your body saying it needs a time out:

  1. Wake up every morning more tired then when you went to bed
  2. Excess sweating & yellow in the whites of your eyes
  3. Abdominal bloating, constipation, and heartburn
  4. Not seeing any fitness results at the gym
  5. Headaches, dehydration, and dry skin on the upper backs of your arms

These symptoms relate to a variety of imbalances. The majority come from liver stagnation, and lack of intake and absorption of vitamins and minerals.

A couple quick tips to get your body more efficient are:

  1. 5 deep breaths before you eat
  2. Daily meditation, visualization, or other mind-body practice such as Qi Gong.
  3. Drink warm water with lemon 30 minutes before or after meals to enhance digestion
  4. Eat vegetables with every meal, cooked if you have digestive issues, raw if you don’t, and both if you like variety!

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