New Year’s Resolutions – Don’t “Give Up” Anything

Millions of people make New Year’s resolutions to “give up” something…
… maybe you want to give up chocolate, or cigarettes, or quit drinking. These are great goals, for sure, but I’ve found that our bodies and minds respond much better to “adding” positive habits rather than giving up bad ones.
And when you start making positive additions to your life, the habits you want to change tend to change themselves.
And that feels amazing. Below is a short video I made about the “ultimate” New Year’s resolution you can make this year to help you change any aspect of your life you desire.

YouTube video

Wishing you the most healthy, fit, successful and prosperous year ever…
In health,

Gabriel Method
p.s. If you’ve got something you’re “adding” this year, please share it in the comments section down below:

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