Trick Your Body Into Losing Weight Naturally

Why are we so prone to gaining weight during times of stress?

And can we reverse it?

Our bodies are programmed with many amazing adaptations, but not all of them are as beneficial today as they used to be. During periods when food was scarce, weight gain as a response to stress was a good thing. Carrying extra weight could be a lifesaver.

For many of us today, however, this is no longer the case.

But not all stress can lead to weight gain. There is one particular type of stress that communicates to your body that being thin is imperative to your survival.

At the Gabriel Method, we call it the Get Thin or Get Eaten Adaptation.

10,000 years ago, we were at risk of being eaten by predators and needed to hunt our own food for survival. Being light, agile, and fast was more important than holding onto excess weight.

This unique type of stress puts your body in a fat burning mode almost immediately.

Is it possible to trick our bodies into activating the Get Thin or Get Eaten Adaptation?


Short, intense bursts of exercise combined with visualization is one of the most effective ways to work WITH your body to lose weight, by naturally activating the Get Thin or Get Eaten Adaptation.

Just listen to this powerful pre-workout visualization before you exercise!

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