My Weight Loss Before & After Photos… Are They Real?

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As many of you know, back in 2004 I lost 220lbs with a non-diet, no restrictive eating approach, and I have been the same weight ever since.
I went on to publish my first book The Gabriel Method, and it sold in over 60 countries, and quickly became a best-selling book around the world.
But with that much publicity, and millions of people starting to see my before and after photos, naturally people started to comment…
“Your before and after photos are photoshopped!”
The truth is, I have not had any surgery done for the excess skin, and on certain areas of my body,I do have some lasting stretch marks.
My photos are real. They have NOT been PHOTOSHOPPED.
To settle the issue once and for all, I decided to come back to Perth, Australia and do an interview with Fiona Castle of Design Images, who first took my photos back in 2004.
It was also a great time to do a 10 year anniversary shoot, to show the difference in my body since 2004. I’ve been able to maintain the same weight during the last 10 years… I just don’t quite have the same washboard abs as I did 10 years ago! But pretty close 😉
In this interview with Fiona, you can listen to her part of the story of the 1st photoshoot, and get a little sneak peek into the 10 year anniversary photo shoot.
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So what do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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