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Listen to Jon Gabriel Teach About:

  • How to apply The Gabriel Method to other areas of your life
  • The concept of Success Training
  • How to become as receptive as a child


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What I wanted to talk about a little bit today, was how to apply The Gabriel Method to other areas of life, doing something that I call success training. Because what happens is, when we're kids, we basically develop what I call a success program that we take with us for the rest of our lives, and it can come from very simple things.

As kids, we are very, very receptive to the messages that we get. Our minds are in a state, which is what consciousness researches call the alpha state, and when we're really young the beta state. And that brainwave state is a place where we are able to develop programming and take that programming, that programming is going to affect us for the rest of our life.

So simple things when you're a kid, simple statements that people make, if a parent or a friend or a relative just says a simple thing like, “Oh, you're never going to amount to anything,” something like that, that gets programmed into us and we take that with us for the rest of our life. And it could be positive or negative, because I remember reading in an Oprah magazine, I remember reading about this lady who is an Afro-American self-made billionaire. Not Oprah, another woman. I don't remember her name, but they interviewed her and she said when she was a kid she took an aptitude test at school. And she came home and she said to her mother, “Mommy guess what? I took a test and they said I'd be a good telephone operator.” And her mother said to her, “That's great, dear. Maybe someday you'll own the telephone company.”

And just that simple statement, she said, she attributes her success to. Because her mother opened up a possibility to her that she could be something more than a telephone operator, that she could actually own a telephone company. And since then she's gone onto be a self-made billionaire.

And so the messages that we get as a child, will cause us to be successful or not successful and we carry these messages around with us. When we're adults, we're not as receptive to the things that people say because we're not in that very programmable state. But we can get into that very programmable state and then put in positive messages.

And that's something I talk about doing for weight loss in The Gabriel Method book. I talk about getting into this state of consciousness that I call SMART Mode. And SMART Mode is an acronym for Super Mental Alert Re-education Training. [Brief Interruption] SMART Mode is an acronym, as I said, for Super Mental Alert Re-education Training Mode, and it's a mode that you can get into yourself, and once you're into it create any kind of positive associations that you need in really any aspect of life.

And so, I talk about a very simple technique for getting into SMART Mode in The Gabriel Method book, which I call, spinning is spine, and I also have music that I call SMART Mode music which you can just listen to and it will get you into that state. And when you listen to the CD, it already has that music built into it, that SMART Mode music built into it. That music, once you're in that SMART Mode, any suggestions like weight loss is easy, weight loss is effortless, my body wants to be thin, your brain is much more receptive to it.

But you can use this, really, for any aspect of life. Like for example with abundance, I talk about a visualizationfor abundance. When you're in this SMART Mode, you can just — what I used to do and what I sometimes still do with abundance, is just imagine that you're in this infinite ocean of whatever it is you want to create, let's just say it's just abundance if you're interested in abundance.

I just imagine that I'm swimming in this infinite ocean of abundance, and I just open the pores of my skin and imagine all of the abundance just flowing into me and flowing into my life. And what that does, is it sort of programs into your head that abundance isn't something that you have to fight for; it's something that you just have to allow. And if you want to do it for love for example, you can just imagine you're in this infinite ocean of love and you just open the pores of your skin and just allow love to flow in, or really anything that you want in your life. You just allow it to flow in.

Another way you can use it is in your business, if you're just visualizing your business being successful. You're making it easier and you're programming your mind to be more successful.

So you could use the same techniques that you use for visualizing your ideal body, getting into SMART Mode for creating an association that weight loss is easy and effortless, you can use those same techniques for any aspect of your life. And what happens is, getting into SMART Mode is something that gets easier and easier, and visualization is something that you get better and better at.

So your visualizations become more powerful, you go deeper into the SMART Mode, and then you have a tool, really, that you can use to help you in any aspect of your life.

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